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Hello! You were recently notified by the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) that your federal student loan(s) is transferring from your current servicer to us at Nelnet, another member of ED’s federal loan servicer team.

Please note that your loan(s) was not sold. ED will continue to own your loan(s); however, Nelnet will manage your loan(s) and assist you on ED’s behalf as your federal student loan servicer. This change in servicer will not impact the existing terms, conditions, interest rate, or available repayment plans of your federal student loan(s).

Your full account details should be available no later than 10 business days after the loan transfer date included in the transfer notification you received from your current servicer.

To borrowers coming from Great Lakes Educational Loan Services and FedLoan Servicing, welcome! Please select one of the following options to view specific information about transfers from your current servicer to Nelnet.

Nelnet's goal is to make your loan transfer as seamless as possible. We’re pleased to be your new loan servicer, and we want to help you have a successful student loan experience.

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